Kelly Beach Girl Art really began after my almost three years of harsh cancer treatments. Cancer is a dark thing, and I was through with darkness.I want to express my joy in the return of health and energy with color and light! My art is sculptural, vibrant, dimensional, lively. I'm completely self taught,  so I just do things my way. Every piece is one of a kind, and no copies are made. One thing I particularly enjoy is making custom commissioned pieces. A sculptured piece based on the interests and lifestyles of my clients is always fun for me to design,  and a joyful, unique keepsake for my client. I love their happy surprise when they see the finished project!  I want my art to bring happiness and smiles. 
Before my cancer diagnosis,  I used to say,"someday" I will do this, or that, but now I know,  "someday" is today! Live your life today, not "someday"! My lively,  colorful art reflects my point of view-'Life's A Beach!'